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Agreement - Building a Website
THIS AGREEMENT, dated this  12th day of March,  2021, is hereby entered  between  Trecia Haynes, of  Shelby, NC hereinafter referred to as “client” and 5 Star Studios LLC a NC corporation, hereinafter referred to as 5 SS  located in Shelby, NC.  
Client and 5 SS  agree as follows: 
Overview.  5 SS business is providing Marketing & Services & client is engaging 5 SS  to provide a website for ministry
Duration.  The duration of this agreement is for 1 month with completion of website build to be completed within that time frame.
Build site 

     Build a three page website.  This will consist of the main page with content and then a Terms of Service page and a  Privacy Policy      page

    Client to supply all content and pictures. 

    Client to supply domain name and give administrative access to 5 SS  

    5 SS to complete work on site within 30 days of this Agreement. 

   Of course in any creative process, it is expected that client & 5 SS collaborate as often as necessary to complete this project. 
Client Requirements. Client agrees to the following terms: 

     Provide required intake information for your  business. 

     Work with  5 SS in setting up all systems. 

     Review and provide feedback on all work delivered by 5 SS.  

Compensation and Payment . 

Total cost to client for above described services is a onetime  fee of $500.00 which includes the creating the website as described above. 

Other costs such as hosting, maintenence and updates are not included in this agreement.
Confidential Information. 

Client agrees to make available to 5 SS such information as is necessary for the fulfillment of this Agreement. 

5 SS agrees to accept and hold CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION obtained from client in confidence at all times. 

5 SS  shall not use nor disclose such information, unless, until and to the extent client shall consent thereto in writing, or such information is or shall become generally available to the public, or such a disclosure is otherwise required by law. 
Additional Services.  

Any and all  services outside the scope of this Agreement requested by the client will be billed at a rate mutually agreed between 5 SS  and client.  
Warranties and Liability.  

Client shall indemnify and hold 5 SS  harmless from any and all liability from Client’s use of the work produced by 5 SS  under this Agreement. 

​​​​​​​The parties will conduct themselves at all times hereunder in accordance with all applicable laws.  This Agreement to be governed by the laws of Cleveland County and the State of NC.

​​​​​​​By their signatures , the parties hereby understand & agree to all terms and conditions of this Agreement   

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