We know it can be overwhelming trying to find the customers you need online. The customers are out there, but what is the best way to reach them?
If you’re searching for a proven digital expert to help you find new customers, we’re here to help.

Lead Generation

You need to have a system in place to generate consistent qualified leads.


Use automation to increase the speed of connecting with prospects and customers

Close the deal

Generate the lead, create the automation, then what?  Show that you are a trusted company by displaying consistent good reviews.


5 Star Studios

“5 Star Studios is all about empowering small businesses to not only prosper but thrive. If you have a successful business already but are ready to take it to the next level, then we need to talk. We don’t help you compete, we help you dominate. In most cases, we don’t just teach you how to market, we actually do it for you. We not only excel in generating more leads we actually generate more leads that have an intent to purchase. We set up a unique system that helps track the leads and nurture those that don’t immediately purchase. While we are helping build a strong base for a business, we help execute a system that builds the asset value of that business so that at the right time, the business is in a better position to sell.”

It’s all about systems

We work hard at what we do to make what you do easier and more efficient.  Schedule a  zoom visit or text or call us to see how we can help.


What We Offer

We use tools and our expertise to drive the results our clients are seaeching for.  Whether you are looking for a great website, a strategy session, or simply tools to help automate your business processes, you have come to the right place.


A complete system to manage google tools.  The fastest and most efficient way to drive phone calls, visits  and customer and prospect interactions


There are many processes in running a company that need to be automated.  The most important of these is the “speed to lead” automation.  Once a prospect reaches out, you ideally have only 5 minutes to respond or they move on to the next vendor


Prospects are looking for a reputable company to do business with. The Average number of reviews a business has is 39. The average number of reviews expected is 112.


Our Approach to working with our clients

* Meet with the client ( in person or online)

* Determine the needs and wants of the client

* Ascertain the budget the  client has committed

* Discuss the time frame to achieve the desired results

* Build a lasting relationship

* Get to work.

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